A trending video of a powerful voodoo man with a basket filled to its brim with water without any sort of leakage has sparked mixed reactions across social media space after it was first shared.

According to the blogger, gossip media, the video depicted a middle-aged man with a basket filled to its brim with water and wrapped with red cloth at its edge on his head. The man was pictured standing erect with the basket of water for a while as onlookers watched in awe. Watch video below;

“>watch video here

It was gathered that the man had come to the public to prove his power works and showcase how strong his voodoo is. A lot of Nigerians have reacted to the video. Read some of the reactions below;

Doc_concept wrote; ‘Use the juju to pursue Buhari from Abuja abeg’.

Paschalpepper wrote; ‘Voodoo that can not make me as reach as Dangote is that one a Voodoo. Bros make una comont for village come town make una see how people don leave una behind’.

bianca.michael.31;’These are the kind of things we mostly see in Nigeria, witchcraft everywhere’.

Bidebold wrote; I never believed in jazz and all this juju thing until someone stole my money and the man saw me crying and I explained he said ill see my money and a few minutes later the person who stole my money came out started singing and dancing with my money shouting he was the one that stole my money!!!someone I took like a bro gave him light, shared my food and room with I fear o since then I believe God dey juju sef dey

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